The Value of Legitimacy

"The value of Legitimacy"- High rise Buildings

Certifications in an organization are not just documents written on plain paper. It’s not just a proof of stability and credibility of a company but rather such documents tell a story of a business, from its origin, operations and intent. 

Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative has been running the organization since 2009 with a mission to build a strong trust among its clientele. 

Kabraso is a duly registered organization of government’s Cooperative Development Authority, an agency that helps promote the growth and viability of cooperatives as instrument of equality, social justice and economic development. 

Since the prohibition of labor-only contracting arrangement in the Philippines, Kabraso has secured a government mandatory license under DO-174 which allows the organization to function as diverse service contracting organization. 

This certification proves the eligibility of Kabraso from substantial capital and investment from resources like facilities, tools, equipment and machinery. 

Kabraso has also garnered certifications of “no pending case on appeal” under Department of Labor and Employment and National Labor Relations Commission. 

Meeting the compliance requirements is being true to our #TatakKabraso commitment of quality service to our clients and unending care for our people and members. 

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