Silhouette shot of farmers within the Agri manufacturing industry from a manpower services company

Deploy our Members as your Manpower Partner for the Agrimanufacturing Industry

Providing the best manpower solutions for our partners and clients.

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Top right view of a renewable energy site of a manpower services cooperative company under energy industry on a sunny day

Deploy our Members as your Manpower Partner for the Renewable Energy Industry

Guaranteeing manpower recruits for sectors across the renewables industry.

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Three men in a construction area standing infront of large trucks

Deploy our Members as your Manpower Partner for the Mining Industry

Pairing the right workers with the right employers one partnership at a time.

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A janitor from a cleaning services company is cleaning the hall with a vacuum cleaner

Deploy our Members as your Manpower Partner for the Facility Management Industry

Connecting optimal facility management personnel with the right facilities, one collaboration at a time

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Industries We Serve

Kabraso Multi-purpose Cooperative, commonly known as KMC, is a local workers cooperative covering diverse industries.

Kabraso forms part of one of the more recognized service providers in the country, the TSI Group of Companies. In 2009, the cooperative was realized with a singular purpose: to provide cost-efficient service to clients through a cooperative setup. But more than singularity, significant numbers are always a worthier discussion. There’s no better way to talk about numbers than associating it with Kabraso, whose employees and active clients across the country compose the totality of the workers cooperative.

Manpower  Cooperative for the Mining Industry

If you’re starting mining projects somewhere in the Philippines and you need to find the best specialist team in recruiting mining talent, a manpower cooperative such as Kabraso Multi-purpose can be your go-to one-stop solutions provider. Kabraso boasts the best workforce solutions for your mining projects. Our team of experts are passionate about unearthing skilled workers with inquisitive spirits and linking only the best talents to businesses within the mining industry

Our nationwide coverage is complemented by our impressive portfolio when it comes to recruiting mining professionals. Some of the mining positions we offer employment to include drilling personnel, equipment operators, CAD operators, timekeepers and others. With years of experience in delivering staffing services to some of the most iconic mining projects in the country, we have built ourselves a dedicated network of mining talent.  For any mining requirements, get in touch with Kabraso.

Manpower  Cooperative for the Agrimanufacturing Industry

With technological advancement, the manufacturing industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors. Moreover, it has grown at a fast pace, having undergone several different transformations—from heavy manual labor to integration of technologically advanced equipment. Companies are now scrambling to hire qualified and skilled workers out of necessity to run their businesses efficiently.  As new roles appear as quickly as other jobs become obsolete, developing a team of skilled professionals proves to be a pedantic duty.

Kabraso Multi-purpose Cooperative’s job is to help businesses navigate the turbulence of meeting and exceeding your organization’s goals. We offer a variety of services ranging from production management to toll manufacturing. Having worked with professionals for the past 10 years, our team has gained sufficient knowledge of the industry, making us the ideal manufacturing service provider for businesses in the field.

Manpower  Cooperative for the Renewable Energy Industry

As the public grows determined to see renewable energy sources at the center of the sustainable energy transition, companies are faced with the pressures of meeting accelerated performances. This means that businesses involved in the movement towards sustainable efforts are on the rise to build the right workforce to manage these demands and expectations. Kabraso Multi-purpose Cooperative helps clients across the renewable energy industry to face these key challenges.

So if you’re on the lookout for automotive mechanics, equipment operators, or generally skilled laborers and other support roles, Kabraso has collated a network of candidates equipped with the necessary qualifications needed to translate higher productivity, and greater development and implementation of clearer and more cohesive business strategies in the said industry. Our nationwide presence has guaranteed manpower recruits, temporary and permanent, across the energy sector. Put our industry expertise to work.

Manpower Cooperative for the Facility Management Industry

Kabraso Multipurpose Cooperative specializes in facility management solutions tailored to diverse needs across industries like aviation, healthcare, hospitality, and commercial spaces. Their services encompass property maintenance, office cleaning, janitorial services, and sanitation and disinfection. Kabraso aims to enhance facility functionality, security, and management through preventive and reactive maintenance, specialized cleaning services, and thorough sanitation practices. They emphasize customizable solutions, transparent communication, cost-effectiveness, and a client-centric approach to ensure optimal facility care and support for business operations.


Don’t worry. Not every single area of our expertise is represented in this section. Send us a message to know more!