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Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative is an outsourced service contracting organization that offers customized business solutions. The organization is composed of senior management team with more than 150 years of combined professional experience and core competencies in the field of human resources, finance, logistics, manufacturing and sales and marketing.

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We instill to our members the value of sense of entrepreneurship and ownership so their performance has direct and significant effect on the cooperative’s growth and development.

We give our members the privilege that they deserve from benefits, service incentive leave, annual dividend sharing, accident insurance coverage and the assurance of fostering a safe and conducive working environment.

We empower our members through giving them opportunities to be their authentic selves at work, contributing deliberate and meaningful decisions for the organization.


We provide services with our commitment to do our job with the declared processes of International Standard Organization, management and client expectations.

We ensure our clients with stability and credibility through our 100% compliance on various regulations, accreditations and certifications. 

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