Corporate employees placing their hand together in the middle to show collaboration and team work

Multi-Purpose Cooperative

We are a multi-purpose cooperative in the Philippines with a comprehensive selection of manpower solutions that address the complex workforce challenges that many organizations are facing today.

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Employees of logistics and warehousing placing their hands together at the middle
Corporate employees placing their hand together in the middle to show collaboration and team work

A Cooperative Resource Hub for All Your Manpower Requirements

For over 20 years, Kabraso has worked on developing unique business solutions concerning today’s ever-changing industries. With our rigorous recruitment process, we have formed a robust selection of skilled members that organizations need most.

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3 employee from different fields wearing their uniform, doing a thumbs up
Corporate employees placing their hand together in the middle to show collaboration and team work

Providing Customized Manpower Solutions

For over ten years, Kabraso Multi-purpose Cooperative has built a reputation as a trusted partner for major businesses around the Philippines. Our team of professionals draws their knowledge and experience in the field from working and delivering projects across various industries, from the country’s smaller businesses to some of the biggest names in the industry. 
As a multi-purpose cooperative specializing in staffing solutions, we challenge ourselves to deploy our skilled members and connect them with your industry 
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A factory worker from a manpower services cooperative company under agribusiness industry is carefully sorting oranges in boxes

The Multi-Purpose Cooperative Approach to Social Entrepreneurship

Part of Kabraso’s company dynamics is promoting inclusivity that empowers its members, who are part-owners, as they move towards growth. As a cooperative, we seek to engage and inspire people from all walks of life. To do so, we maximize the shared resources of the cooperative and advocate for solid member support within the organization through the provision of the following remunerations:

  • On-site ATM Provisions
  • Lending Facilities for its members via cash, groceries, appliances, motorcycle loans, etc.
  • Insurances
  • Government Mandated Benefits
  • VAT-Free
  • Guaranteed share in profit through annual dividends and patronage refunds

Kabraso pledges high regard for self-responsibility and equitable allocation of opportunities among its members.

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We have the staffing services to connect you with our skilled member workers fit in your industry!

Explore Our Expertise Functions

Through Kabraso’s exercise of advanced skills and execution of valuable innovations in the industry, the cooperative’s team recognizes the importance of extending only the best-value expertise to clients.

We endeavor to provider manpower solutions in the manner of:

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Be a Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative Worker & Member.

Our vast network of qualified candidates is equipped with the necessary qualifications needed to leave a positive impact in the industries they will work in.

Surround yourselves with professionals encompassing a decade’s worth of experience and expertise by joining us here at Kabraso Multi-purpose Cooperative! 

News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with Kabraso’s recent activities and follow the latest industry news and updates within the workers cooperative curated especially for you.

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