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Tatak Kabraso lies on our uniqueness how we value our reputation, performance and stability. We continue to produce innovations and technological advancement on our process, policies towards our employees and workers, and external relations with the community and the stakeholders.

Tatak Kabraso : Multi-Purpose  Cooperative

Everyone is part owner and employee of the cooperative with capital and profit share.

Member’s tenure is co-terminus with the service agreement of KABRASO and respective client.

Aside from the usual government-mandated benefits, KABRASO members benefit from the annual dividend sharing, service incentive leave, and accident insurance coverage.

We give high regards on the value of empowerment and sense of entrepreneurship.

Their performance has direct and significant effect on the cooperative’s growth and development.

We value professional development of our members through our TESDA Accredited Training School. We have lending facility for our members from grocery, cash, motorcycle and appliance loans.

Tatak Kabraso : Compliant Organization

  • Registered in Cooperative Development Authority
  • ISO Certified
  • Licensed Contractor of Department of Labor and Employment under the Department Order No. 174, series of 2017
  • Certified VAT Free (12% Witholding Tax and 2% Creditable Witholding Tax) as per the Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • Compliance with the National Privacy Commission regarding the subject of the Republic Act No. 10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act. Kabraso keeps appropriate information security and privacy measures to forestall data leakage

Tatak Kabraso : The Value We Give to our Clients

Engaging us as your service provider will increase a significant value in your business.

  • Cost Effective
  • Less Administrative Risk and Burden
  • Accomplished Business Objectives