Our Seal Of Commitment

back of a femail employee wearing KMC uniform-Seal of commitment

Commitment is everything when we speak about providing services to our clients. But in the competitive world of business, proving a quality service is another story.

Great customer service is not just about following consistent best practices. It requires a set of standards that would help clients understand that they are pushing for the right partner.

One of the most effective ways to prove that is through accreditation from a global perspective like ISO.

ISO or International Standards Organization is an independent body which delivers set of standards for an organization. It includes safety, quality and efficiency of processes and services provide by an institution, business or organization.

Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative has dedicated so much efforts in excellence assurance. Year 2011, KMC has sealed its quality management system through its ISO Certification 9001:2015. It was given by an ISO Certifying Body, TUV Rheinland.

The ISO certification determines requirements of an organization to show its capacity and reliability to provide products and services that meet client and other applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. It also aims to upgrade consumer satisfaction through the effective utilization of quality processes.

The ISO certificate also helps improve business credibility and authority as well as the overall efficiency of an organization.

This does not only entail competency but a culture of care for its people where every member is assured of a quality process of learning, assets and expertise to build success and prosperity for themselves and future generations.

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