4 Service Contracting Solutions for Logistics & Warehousing Services

4 Essential Service Contracting Solutions for the logistics and warehousing services sector offered by kabraso - featured image

The Philippines’ logistics and warehousing services sector is rapidly expanding, owing to the primary surge in demand from e-commerce and infrastructure investments done by the government. This proves how vital warehousing services are in the country. Not only does it help firms manage the distribution of goods to customers, but warehousing services also allow for better asset utilization. However, warehousing services entail more than safekeeping products within a storage facility. Moreover, warehouse companies aren’t the only ones who can provide essential logistics services to businesses nationwide.

Suppose you haven’t heard of cooperative service contractors. In that case, in this article, we’ll walk you through what cooperatives are, the warehousing services they have to offer, and what benefits you can enjoy working with them.

What Are Cooperative Service Contractors?

A cooperative is a collaborative organization owned and controlled by the same people who run it. Together, they aim to achieve collective growth and meet their economic, social, and cultural aspirations. Cooperatives are democratic, meaning it heavily operates on a for-the-people-by-the-people ideology

On the other hand, service contractors allude to entities that provide services to another party. These organizations help assist customers (or more modestly referred to as clients) with problems concerning their businesses or accounts. 

Together, it would mean a people-centered organization that provides services to clients facing operational trouble. Locally, however, cooperative service contractors are more commonly known as institutions engaged with full service contracting within the industry.

Essential Warehousing Services Cooperatives Can Help Business With 

#1. Service Contracting With Tools and Equipment

As previously referenced, cooperative service contractors assist businesses through full service contracting. This service package includes the provision of manpower, down to tools and equipment. As it is known, warehousing operations often require specialized devices to handle various tasks. However, not all businesses are equipped with such resources or expertise. This is where cooperatives enter the picture. Service contractors under a cooperative setting offer enterprises access to paraphernalia necessary for optimal operation around the warehouse.

By partnering with a cooperative, companies can cut their purchasing costs and, instead, benefit from the expertise of cooperative professionals in handling and maintaining the tools.

#2. Warehouse Labor Management

male warehouse worker uniform holding clipboard paper warehouse

Aside from equipment rentals, cooperative service contractors offer warehouse labor management services to help businesses streamline their workforce operations. Cooperatives understand how complex managing warehouse labor can be, especially with the fluctuating seasonal demands of the field. Hiring, training, and managing a dedicated workforce can be time-consuming and costly.

But cooperatives like Kabraso have a pool of skilled and experienced warehouse personnel who can be allocated to different businesses based on their specific needs. Moreover, these talented workers are members who are also part-owners of the organization. Our recruitment team stresses the utmost importance of the rigors of producing talents that are well-versed in various warehousing tasks, including inventory management, order picking, and packing. 

When you outsource your labor management needs, businesses are assured of the right people without the burden of recruitment.

#3. Multi-packing and Stickering

warehouse worker using packaging tape to seal the packages.
worker in the warehouse using a barcode scanner to inspect products

Cooperatives understand the importance of efficient packaging and offer multi-packing and stickering services to businesses. Aside from storage being a vital component in logistics, packaging also plays a crucial role in the safekeeping of products. Multi-packing involves consolidating multiple product units into a single package, reducing handling costs, and optimizing space utilization. On the other hand, stickering services involve labeling products with the necessary identification markers that facilitate product tracking and inventory management. 

Cooperatives have the expertise to design and implement efficient multi-packing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each business. With cooperative service contractors, you can enhance your supply chain efficiency and reduce packaging-related expenses by availing these packaging services.

#4. Equipment Rentals

forklift truck carrying boxes in warehouse

Lastly, equipment rentals provided by cooperatives can be a cost-effective solution. Cooperatives maintain a fleet of well-maintained equipment and offer flexible rental options to businesses. Cooperatives can provide businesses with the necessary equipment for temporary or short-term needs. This eliminates the need for companies to invest in expensive equipment that may need to be utilized in the long run.

Conclusively, these essential warehousing services offered by cooperative service contractors allow businesses to access resources without the commitment of purchasing and maintaining the equipment

There are several benefits that companies can enjoy by turning to cooperative service contractor for their warehousing services needs. These benefits include:

#1. Cost Savings

Cost savings is one of the most valuable advantages of outsourcing your needs to cooperatives. Cooperatives offer cost-effective solutions to businesses by pooling resources, sharing overhead costs, and offering services at a competitive price point.

#2. Expertise and Experience

Cooperatives have years of collective experience in the logistics and warehousing industry. Take Kabraso, for example. With over 14 years of operational excellence, they have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer businesses in the field.

#3. Flexibility

Offering flexible solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business has always been Kabraso’s strength.  Again, from full service contracting to equipment rentals, cooperatives provide companies with tailored solutions that fit your unique requirements. 

#3. Scalability

Along with the growth of your business is the changing of your needs. From additional resources, personnel, or equipment requirements—cooperative service contractors can adapt to meet those ever-changing demands. 

Curious to see how Kabraso makes it possible? Contact us for more details.

Unlocking the Benefits of Cooperative Warehousing Services: Partner with Kabraso Multi-purpose Cooperative

Following the rapidly changing demands of the warehousing sector, cooperative service contractors emerge as the go-to partners in the field. These people-centric groups offer a range of essential warehousing services that benefit the companies and the workers who form part-owners of the organization. 

In partnering with cooperatives like Kabraso Multipurpose Cooperative, you can bask in the benefits of shared resources and competitively-priced services. Moreover, you can tap into our expertise, enjoy flexibility, scale your operations, and build a collaborative relationship that drives success. Our years in the industry can help you optimize your processes without the risk of errors, inefficiencies, and downtime.

Let Kabraso Multipurpose Cooperative support your warehousing needs for a more efficient and streamlined business.

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