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Christmas Festivities Come In Advance With Kabraso Multipurpose Cooperative

Members of KMC conducting an outreach program giving away toys

Christmas just got merrier for the 100 families of Guisguis, Zambales. Altruism has since become sporadic and charity, a rarity. Both are sworn close to nonexistence, and the gloomy reality that only so many people are kind enough to show goodwill without expecting anything in return is now a truth of the matter. However, for […]

Tatak KABRASO Service

A man using an ATM of Security Bank

Nothing will give you peace getting your hard-earned money in a safe and secured place. On-site ATMs are more than just cash machines. They are a hassle-free and inexpensive benefit every employee should enjoy. Since we live to our commitment to giving a quality #TatakKabraso service, we always look for ways to improve the experience […]

KMC Fire Safety Awareness and Drill 2022

Employees holding placards infront of a firetruck after conducting KMC Fire Safety Awareness and Drill 2022

Everyone is at risk if there’s a fire. Fire safety training and drill are not only required by law, but it is also an important skill to obtain regarding the safety of everyone and others who might be in the building. This will provide workers with skills such as recognizing hazards, being able to complete […]

The Value of Legitimacy

"The value of Legitimacy"- High rise Buildings

Certifications in an organization are not just documents written on plain paper. It’s not just a proof of stability and credibility of a company but rather such documents tell a story of a business, from its origin, operations and intent.  Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative has been running the organization since 2009 with a mission to build […]

Our Seal Of Commitment

back of a femail employee wearing KMC uniform-Seal of commitment

Commitment is everything when we speak about providing services to our clients. But in the competitive world of business, proving a quality service is another story. Great customer service is not just about following consistent best practices. It requires a set of standards that would help clients understand that they are pushing for the right […]

Jobless No More!

"Jobless no more"- workers installing solar panels

Finally, jobless no more.  This is the current employment state of almost 50 residents of an 87,000 populated-municipality in Rizal.  With the help of Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative in partnership with a renewable energy company in Baras, Rizal, laborers, electricians, heavy equipment operators and drivers were hired last October, 2021.  The said project will be needing […]

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