About Us


A Decade Of Responsibility

Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a legitimate, total service contracting organization that competes on the national market using democratic techniques in terms of its organization, both the human and professional development of its workers and a commitment to the advancement of its social environment.

Kabraso is registered with the Cooperative Development Authority and Department of Labor and Employment, a licensed contractor under the Department Order No. 174, series of 2017.

Kabraso is certified VAT Free (12% Withholding tax and 2% Creditable Withholding Tax) as per the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Kabraso is in compliance with the National Privacy Commission regarding the subject of the Republic Act No. 10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act. This is a law that tries to secure all types of data, be it private, personal, or sensitive. It is additionally intended to cover both natural and juridical persons associated with the handling of individual data.

Data Privacy act encourages Kabraso to keep appropriate information security and privacy measures to forestall data leakage while still guaranteeing that an organization runs easily. This awareness elevates to build solid and concrete safeguards for the privilege to protection of individual data.

This element has constituted its qualities and reasons behind its success. One of the particular features of Kabraso has been its associative process, wherein the advantages of its harmonization have been combined with the human aspect of cooperatives, leading to the emergence of a strong and caring group.

Kabraso comprises of business activities in key cities across the country. Kabraso stands out from the competition because of its ownership-base and business structure, which also give its operations a long-term perspective.

Its operations keep on being founded on the standards of participation and working for the best of its cooperators.

This is only the start. This is a decent start.



To uplift the living standards of our members by way of Job and Career Growth, Open Opportunities to all professionals committed to excellence and personal service to all the communities that we serve.


To become the leading service provider sought after by our customers and members with the combined team effort that sets us apart from our competitors.

KMC’s Core Values

We trust that long-term, trusting business connections are worked by being honest, open, and reasonable. All Kabraso cooperators are required to maintain the most noteworthy expert guidelines in all business activities. We additionally expect those with whom we work together will hold fast to the benchmarks set by Kabraso. Exceptional cooperators are vital to Kabraso’s prosperity. All cooperators are viewed as esteemed individuals from the cooperative and each cooperator has the right to be treated with nobility and respect. Also, everybody is in charge of their conduct. Nobody has the authority to drive another cooperator to disregard Kabraso’s Core Values. Kabraso requires all cooperators to know, comprehend, and follow the Core Values, as it applies personally to each individual. The key principle that underlies the manner in which we work together at Kabraso is decision-making ability and reasonable strategic policies. An understanding of our lawful and moral parameters upgrades that judgment. We have a similar commitment to the communities wherein we work together and to the clients and individuals with whom we do business.


Adherence to moral and ethical principles

Customer Delight

Services beyond expectations

Team Work

Working together to achieve the common goal

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Treating the company as your own


Fairness to all