The Advantages We Provide Our Members Individuals

Longer periods of assignment

Member’s tenure is co-terminus with the service agreement of KABRASO and respective client.


More sustainable source of income

KABRASO members experience one-client or multi-client assignment during tenure.


Empowerment and sense of entrepreneurship

KABRASO members are also part owners so their performance has direct and significant effect on the Cooperative’s growth & development; in addition, the concept of entrepreneurship frees members from the boundaries of contractual employment.

High presence of self-esteem, self reliance, and security

Aside from the usual government-mandated benefits, KABRASO members benefit from the annual dividend sharing, service incentive leave (SIL), and accident insurance coverage.

Tax exemption

Under chapter V Article 61 of Republic Act 9520 otherwise known as the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008.