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Our People-Driven Methods Are Critical To Accomplishing The Sustainable Development Objectives

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Kabraso speaks to the interests of Filipino cooperatives. Recognizing the intensity of this model, firms from around the country have looked to us to help make solid organizations in developing markets. We offer a lot of tried, proven methods fit to help a wide scope of organizations meet their business development needs

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Q: Who is Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative?

Answer: Kabraso is a Multi-Purpose Cooperative and is a Legitimate Total Service Contracting Organization offering various services to various industries in the Philippines.

Q: What is the types of membership in Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative?

KMC only has two types of membership. Our Board of Directors and the Original Cooperators are the REGULAR MEMBERS and are all entitled to vote. All the rest are ASSOCIATE MEMBERS.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS will have the right to vote only if:

He/ She meets standard set by the BOD as defined in KMC’s By-Laws.

Q: What is the status of employment of your members in the cooperative?

Our workers are issued with employment contract making them an employee of the cooperative and are likewise issued a membership contract making them official associate members of the cooperative.

Q: What is the membership fee for?

Membership fee is authorized by the CDA. Membership fee is collected as payment for membership documentation which includes ATMs, IDs, etc.

Q: What is the current Net Financial Contracting Capacity of Kabraso?

Kabraso’s current Net Financial Contacting Capacity is at PHP 500Million.

Q: What is Capital Share and why there is such?

The Concept of cooperative is to finance the business’ operations and growth through members’ capital share. This is defined under Republic Act 9520. Members’ Capital share represents individual commitment to the cooperative form of business.

The Share Capital of a member is equivalent to his/her investment in the Cooperative where as a shareholder he/she gains a share in the business of the Cooperative.

Kabraso has a standard par value of 100 pesos per share.

KMC Associate members’ standard share is at 50 shares.

Q: What are KMC’s areas of coverage?

Kabraso operates nationwide with branches located in Baguio, Batangas, Carmona, Cebu and Davao. KMC is likewise operating in some key cities such as Legazpi, and Tabaco Albay, Baybay Leyte, Surigao Del Sur, Toledo Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Ilo-ilo, etc.

Q: Do you require your members to pay their membership fees outright?

No. We do not require our members to pay their membership fee outright. Membership fee is deducted from our members service income in six (6) staggered payment or 50 pesos per payout.

Q: Do you require your members to pay their capital share outright?

No. Capital shares are deducted from our members’ service income in the amount of 50 pesos per payout. The amount is our standard deduction. The member has the discretion to increase the deduction. 

Q: Being a Cooperative, is KMC registered with the Cooperative Development Authority(CDA)?

Yes. Kabraso is registered with CDA with registration no. CIN-0105163218.